Strings and winds

11/22/2019 through 05/09/2021
11/22/2019 through 05/19/2021

Strings and winds

In partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE, in the presence of Alain Duault.  

PONANT invites you to experience a timeless voyage set to music, along the most stunning shores of Northern Europe, between the United-Kingdom and Norway. From London to Bergen, you will sail aboard LeBoréal for an 8-day cruise run in partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE. You will be joined on board by exceptional pianists such as Alain Duault, a true ambassador of classical music.

Departing from London, your first port of call will be Dover, famous for its white limestone cliffs. As we leave the British coast, your ship will head north to Belgium to discover Antwerp and its Grand Place surrounded by magnificent 16th- and 17th-century merchant houses.

The next day, you will discover Amsterdam. From its languorous canals to its world-famous museums, Amsterdam is a city full of contrasts, brimming with unusual places to discover as you amble through the streets.

Your cruise will continue to Norway to discover this fascinating country. Stavanger, a cosmopolitan and prosperous small town with a perfectly balanced blend of old and new, will be your first port of call. During your stopover, walk the paved streets and admire the wonderfully preserved fishermen's houses that date from the 18th century.

You will have the privilege of sailing in the famous "Lysefjord" (light fjord), flanked by granite cliffs.

Finally, you will reach Bergen, the last port of call on this cruise to Northern Europe. Bergen was founded by the Vikings over 900 years ago, and is famous for its seven mountains that surround the city centre and its UNESCO-listed Hanseatic port.


Day 1 London
Day 2 Dover
Day 3 Antwerp
Day 4 Amsterdam
Day 5 At Sea
Day 6 Stavanger
Day 6 Sailing In Lysefjorden
Day 7 Bergen
Day 8 Bergen

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